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Flamenco star David Perez to open Varna's European Music Festival

Photo: davidperezbailaor.com

Today, the Spanish flamenco star David Perez will open the extraordinary autumn edition of the European Music Festival "Varna 2020" in the Festival and Congress Center in Bulgaria's Black Sea city of Varna. The flamenco dancer, highly acclaimed in Europe and Asia, will present the show of feelings "Puntal". The performance goes into the depths of Spanish dance and its basics - the guitar, the lyrics and the expressiveness of the movements.

"Every performance of Puntal is different, magical and unique, because our state of mind is part of the idea of ​​the show. Flamenco is alive and we, the artists, convey to the people in the hall our joys, sorrows, passions ", says the dancer in a special interview for the Bulgarian audience.
In addition to the well-known David Perez, the Bulgarian audience will also be able to see guitarist Miguel Perez and singer Javier Rivera.

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