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Trombonist Vili Stoyanov revives music of the 1960’s

Photo: BGNES

Velislav Stoyanov is one of the most prominent jazz trombonists in Bulgaria in recent years. He founded a series of big band formations and writes music. He also became a guardian of the traditions in Bulgarian music. His latest project is named “Meet the Grandpa” where he gives new reading of the music of the 1960’s. This was the time when his grandfather Yosif Tsankov created more than 500 music pieces. Yosif Tsankov is an author of operetta, instrumental, dance, film and theatre music, as well as pop songs. He is among the founders of the Bulgarian National Radio who contributed to the fulfillment of a series of music and children’s radio broadcasts. Bulgarians remember him with songs such as “Fairytale”, “Moonbeams”, “Saturday night”, etc.

Vili Stoyanov has more about the project:

All participants at the project are highly motivated to play music written by my grandfather. I am extremely happy to work specifically with these musicians who are also my friends. The project already has two forms. The first one is related to the sextet whose music programme was developed by Mihail Yosifov-trumpeter and music director of the whole production and author of all music arrangements. I play in the sextet together with Misho Yosifov, Dimitar Lyolev (saxophone), Milen Kukosharov (piano), Daniele Febbo (bass) and Borislav Petrunov (percussions). On October 15 we present this sextet, as well as the music album “That wind of the first meeting” which consists of ten selected pieces written by my grandfather. The project “Meet the Grandpa” is yet to develop. I meet with my grandfather through his music, because he passed away before I was born and I do not know him personally. I think that his music shows the beauty and the charm of Bulgaria in that period.”

The programme in “Meet the Grandpa” is entirely instrumental. Yosif Tsankov’s grandson decided that in this format the charm of music is not lost in any way, as it speaks enough for itself. The project will not remain only in this format, but there will be more future ideas. Vili Stoyanov wants to pay attention to other pieces by Yosif Tsankov, adapt them to different music formations and give them a new and contemporary reading.

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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