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Pop singer Maria Ilieva on physical distancing, social causes and art in these hard times

A famous singer with a huge circle of fans as well as a music producer, in recent years Maria Ilieva has been a permanent member of the jury in various television formats. She spends a significant part of her time with heryoung son Alexander, as well as with her closest people. The beautiful lady has repeatedly shared in interviews that family is one of the most valuable things for her.

Maria Ilieva is among the popular personalities in Bulgaria who take to heart various charitable initiatives. In an interview with BNR, she talks about her participation in the UNICEF campaign dedicated to children who have communication problems - the so-called "non-verbal children". The funds raised in this campaign will be invested in training professionals to help the development of these children in a normal environment. "Integration in general is a problem in our country, but the results are good - our society has many empathetic and compassionate people," Maria believes.

The famous singer is currently working on a new song and this gives her inspiration. Of course, she misses meeting the audience live. "I think this isolation will take us back a long way and it will take a lot of time, effort and diligence for us to want to be together again, to be in concert, theatre and opera halls."

"I notice that the imposed distance is beginning to be reflected in our closest relations, there is a fear of getting closer to each other. In the end, this closeness gives us strength, peace, security - that's how we are built. What we experience now is a sad agony. Somehow, our cultural accumulations do not seem to be enough in the new age to make us realize that art is not just a whim and a carefree moment but art is our spiritual food. It gives us what we need most in a material world - values, foundations that protect our souls and give us national self-confidence at the same time. We have never been famous in our new times with any exceptional state policy in the direction of supporting the development of art and culture. Now there are some good initiatives related to this. Despite everything, I constantly remember the words of my beloved great-grandmother: "This will pass, too, my child." I know that it will pass. I know that we will remember this period with a slightly unpleasant feeling and at some point we will not give it such importance. But now we are in it and I wish everyone a healthy psyche. It is very important to preserve ourselves mentally, because physically we will somehow survive. Maybe love and active communication, even if only verbally, without being together, are a guarantee that we will be able to preserve ourselves and survive this period successfully.”

Written by Alexander Raychevq Hristo Botev Channel/BNR

Editor: Albena Bezovska

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