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When the “stork” snow comes

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Bulgarians believe that snow is a blessing but it ought to come and go at the proper time. Otherwise the farming cycle goes awry, breaking the life cycle of all living beings.

This year winter has been looking favourably on us – relatively warm with less precipitation than is usual. But that is not to the liking of the winter sports lovers for whom the snow at the end of January came as something of a belated Christmas present. Now the ski runs in Bulgaria’s ski resorts are open, with 140 cms. of snow in Pamporovo and more than 100 cms. of snow on the ski tracks of Bansko.

Snow is a blessing for skiers, but also serves as a thick warm blanket for the crops. Depending on when the first snow falls different predictions are made as to how good the harvest will be during the year. Find out what they are, what “stork” snow means and what it portend in the article "The thicker the snow, the bigger the loaf – popular traditions, sayings and songs about snow" from Radio Bulgaria's editor's selection.

Editing by Elena Karkalanova

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