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Village of Chavdar offers various tourist attractions for children and adults

Photo: Veneta Nikolova

The picturesque and modern-looking village of Chavdar amazes all Bulgarians with its renovated buildings, asphalted streets, refurbished sidewalks and the wonderful kindergarten. The local authority is dedicated to a noble cause- to turn thepretty Bulgarian village, which nestles between the Balkan Mountain Range and Sredna Gora mountain, into a role model. It aims to motivate the people to work for their own well-being and the well-being of the society and absorbs the EU funds in favor of its residents.

The central square has a unique architecture, which cannot be seen anywhere else in Bulgaria. It combines a rock garden, wooden bridges, fountains, gazebos, a hotеl and even a mini amphitheater. The small Bulgarian municipality draws inspiration from the European experience in the development of modern tourism. It built in a timely manner tourist attractions for children and adults. While you are still in the local village square, you should visit the Folklore Center. What tourists can see there?

“Visitors can get acquainted with the local customs and traditions. The interactive center is interesting for children who can make embroideries and play riddles- said Dimitrina Zerinova from the Municipality of Chavdar. It is open seven days a week. Guests learn details about the local customs and we make different reenactments as well. Currently, we present ancient wedding rituals. Embroidery, knitted lace and decoration, which revive the past and preserve the local traditions, are on display at the interactive center for authentic folklore”.

Topolnitsa archaeological park​The archeological park Topolnitsa is the most popular local tourist attraction. The restored Neolithic settlement is located in the beautiful locality “St. Petka” above the village and has gained a huge popularity among tourists over the past 5 years. For this purpose, five small dwellings, as well as fur processing workshops and workshops for the manufacture of stone tools and ceramic pots were recreated on the site of the Neolithic settlement. A small museum presenting the valuable local findings is also part of the archaeological park Topolnitsa.

“The archaeological park was named Topolnitsa, because remains of a Neolithic settlement dating back to 7,000 BC were discovered on the bank of the nearby Topolnitsa River- said Dimitrina Zerinova.- The houses resemble the dwellings that were built 6,000-7,000 years BC. We rent three of these dwellings and visitors can spend a night there. If you go inside the dwellings, you can immerse with the lives of our old ancestors, make a fire and spend a night in a Neolithic atmosphere. Tourists are satisfied and visit this place again.”

​St. Petka chapelThe new chapel St. Petka was built very close to the Neolithic village, on the top of a picturesque hill, which offers a breathtaking view to the village of Chavdar. There is a big amusement park near the Neolithic village. Lovers of high adrenaline can find a rope garden and climbing walls in the park. There is also an observation tower, which opens a nice view of the surrounding area.

Amusement parkIf you fancy making a one-day trip to this picturesque place, you should end your day with a visit to the nearby waterfall “Kazanite”. They are five small waterfalls, located between three rocks, chained by large holes. Each one is larger than the previous, with the water cascading from one to the other. The area is located at the foot of Sredna Gora Mountain and is accessible only via a dirt road. That is why Jeep safaris are organized from Topolnitsa archaeological park to the waterfall.

Photos: Veneta Nikolova

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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