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Gabriela Stoyanova and her ethnographic museum in the village of Gorna Glogovitsa

Photo: Габриела Стоянова

Gabriela Stoyanova started collecting antiques when she was still at school. Her collection has been growing over the years. Since 2010 it has been arranged in the former town hall of the village of Gorna Glogovitsa.

We offer you a photo tour in the ethnographic museum of Gabriela Stoyanova in the village of Gorna Glogovitsa near Bulgaria’s Pernik.

In the museum one can see Bulgarian folk costumes from different regions, woven rugs, towels with unique Bulgarian embroidery, old agricultural tools and utensils, ceramic vessels, including world-famous pottery from the village of Busintsi.

There is also a corner with a fireplace and a huge round table with the typical three-legged chairs used in the past. Old radios, clocks, typewriters and sewing machines and lots of other things that used to accompany the life of Bulgarians are arranged in the exhibition.

Author and Photography: Ani Petrova

English: Alexander Markov

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