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Choreographer Yanitsa Atanasova nominated for Flight in Art 2021 Award

Photo: Facebook / @foundation.stoyan.kambarev

For the second year in a row a nomination for the prestigious Flight in Art Award "Stoyan Kambarev" for young artists in Bulgaria goes to a representative of dance art. Young Yanitsa Atanasova has been nominated for her work as a choreographer and director of feature dance film "Obligatory Pleasant" co-authored with Tatiana Sokolova.  Yanitsa Atanasova attracts the audience with the language of dance and movement, which she has perfected to the smallest detail.

Yanitsa Atanasova is only 30 years old, but she has been a part of many ballet and dance performances and productions in Bulgaria and around the world. She has won dozens of international awards. She is a lecturer in contemporary dance techniques and dance theater at New Bulgarian University. "Dancing is something more than just a body experience. It is an opportunity for awareness, traveling, understanding, creating a presence in life. Dance is ... love,” the young choreographer says.

Compiled by: Veneta Nikolova

English: Alexander Markov

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