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The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks Sunday of Saint Thomas

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The last day of the Holy Week after the Resurrection of Christ is called St. Thomas Sunday. The memory of the Apostle Thomas is honoured - one of the 12 disciples of Christ, known by his nickname the Unfaithful.

One of the emblematic episodes in the life of the saint is after Christ’s resurrection when He appeared to his disciples and Thomas was not among them. When they later told him, "We have seen the Lord," he replied, "If I do not see the nail wounds on his hands and put my hand on his ribs, I will not believe it." On the first Sunday after the resurrection, Jesus reappeared to his disciples, including Thomas. Christ turned to him and said, "Put your finger here and see my hands, give your hand and put it on my ribs. And do not be an unbeliever, but a believer. Since now you saw me, do you believe? Blessed are those who did not see but yet believe”.

St. Thomas saw the Savior's wounds and became one of Christ's most devout followers.

On Saint Thomas Sunday, the women repaint eggs and distribute them for the repose of the souls of their deceased loved ones. Everyone named Toma, Tomislav, Tomislava celebrates their name day.

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