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Fifth vaccination phase can begin: National Vaccine Task Force

Photo: Radio Vidin

The National Vaccine Task Force is of the opinion that the fifth phase of vaccination can now begin, Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev announced after a meeting of the Task Force.

In his words this means that all people who wish to can be vaccinated via one of the three existing channels – GPs, the e-system or the green corridors, and this includes incarcerated persons, people from refugee camps, and some groups which are difficult of access. Angel Kunchev stated that in the past two days the number of people with coronavirus being hospitalized has been going up, and that an extension of the anti-epidemic situation beyond the end of May is not to be ruled out.

After 20 May storage of the Pfizer vaccine is expected to be allowed for up to 4 weeks instead of 7 days as is the case now.

Reporting by Mila Mladenova, Horizont channel. 

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