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Festival of Pontic Rhododendron takes place in Strandzha Mountain

Photo: strandja.bg

The 17th edition of the Festival of Pontic Rhododendron( Zelenika) takes place this weekend in Tulpan locality near the village of Zabernovo in the Municipality of Malko Tarnovo. Each year the festival takes place in a different area in Strandzha. However, it takes place always in May, when the Pontic Rhododendron blooms, Engineer Rumiana Tsvetkova, Director of Strandzha Nature Park and organizer of the Festival of Pontic Rhododendron, said for the BNR-Burgas. The plant (Pontic Rhododendron) is a symbol of Southeastern Bulgaria. Guests have the opportunity to choose between four interesting options for a walk in the mystical mountain.

Photo: burgas1.org

Two of the routes are around the village of Zabernovo. Visitors can join a pilgrimage tour, which includes visits to 4 chapels near the village and a visit to the local church, which is among the oldest temples in Strandzha. The organizers of the event also offer two routes in areas with blossoming Pontic Rhododendron near the village of Kondolovo and Silkosia nature reserve. Pontic Rhododendron is a tall evergreen shrub. It blossoms in May and June. The plant grows only in Strandzha Mountain and in the Caucasus region.

Compiled by: Vesela Krasteva

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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