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Bulgaria’s Ombudsman launches campaign in support of children’s mental health

Photo: ombudsman.bg

Parents, parent organizations and child psychologists approach the Ombudsman every day with information about worrying symptoms among children due to the lockdown. According to data from the NGO sector, as a result of restricted social contacts the school children questioned say they feel loneliness, insecurity, irritability, anxiety. More than 35% of the parents on their part state their children’s mental health has deteriorated. 60% of teachers say their workloads increased considerably during the time of remote schooling, 44% – that their mental health has deteriorated. To help children and parents overcome the consequences of the pandemic-related isolation, national Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva launched an initiative under the motto “Blue Summer”. Within the space of a week, from 14 to 18 June, psychologists and experts will consult all people with such problems. The programme will run in 12 towns across the country in partnership with the local ombudsmen, NGOs and the Bulgarian Red Cross.

Compiled by Gergana Mancheva

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