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Spanish artist Paco Martin: "I like revealing the beauty of everyday life"

Photo: pacomartin.art

How can one express emotion using colored pencils? Spanish artist Paco Martin is the right man to ask. Colored pencils are his favourite and he enjoys experimenting with shapes, volumes, textures and composition, recreating the harmony between objects in our everyday life. Paco Martin often teaches people who wish to get acquainted with his drawing technique and Bulgaria is one of his frequent stops. Together with the Cervantes Institute, the artist has organized a creative workshop in Sofia with the participation of children aged 7 to 12.

In an interview for Radio Bulgaria, Paco Martin told us how the creative workshop "Art with Coloured Pencils" was born:

"I often come to Bulgaria in order to organize creative workshops. A friend of mine suggested that I contact the Cervantes Institute and they replied that they were interested in my work. We wanted to organize the workshop a year ago but the Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible. Now we can do it and I'm very happy."

Paco Martin says that he organized similar workshops in Spain and Great Britain before, but not with such young children. He says that working with them has brought him great joy and satisfaction.

"Drawing with colored pencils may sound a bit childish but by using colored pencils one can achieve beautiful and completely realistic works. The pencil allows you to draw with great accuracy. I have always loved drawing with pencils. I have used both pastels and oil paints, but I have always preferred pencils. I have been dedicated to this work for 8 or 9 years now.”

Paco Martin is a teacher by profession He teaches mathematics, physics and chemistry but in recent years he has focused mostly on his art.

"I like the objects of our everyday life. What we call still life or modern still life. I really like to draw things I've seen on the street or in the supermarket. I like to show the beauty in them. I would draw everything - a portrait, a human figure, a landscape, but I like objects and detail the most. I love glass, reflections and shapes. I think there is market for this art. I have sold many works. Perhaps, the British market is most open to them. I have sold many works in the United States and Australia, as well as in Spain. One of my missions is to spread this drawing technique as much as possible. This way people will get to know it better and appreciate it more.”

One of the youngest participants in Paco Martin's creative workshop in Sofia is Moni, who told Radio Bulgaria about his impressions:

"I learned many new drawing techniques and it was very interesting. I chose to draw a painting with cherries. The most difficult thing was to achieve the reflection of light on the cherries, as well as their shape. I want to learn more about painting in the future.”

Moni's drawing

At the end of the creative workshop, when asked if they would participate again next year, no one hesitates even for a second and all children express their strong desire to continue drawing.

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: Hristina Taseva and pacomartin.art

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