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Today the Christian Church marks Pentecost

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On the 50th day after Easter, we mark the birthday of the Christian Church - Pentecost. This is one of the greatest Christian holidays along with Christ's Nativity and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. On this day, according to the Holy Scriptures, the twelve apostles, together with the Virgin Mary, withdrew to the Upper Room on Mount Zion, the building where the Last Supper took place. As they prayed, tongues of fire descended upon them, the visible sign of the influence of the Holy Spirit on Christ's disciples. Filled with the power of God, they set out into the world to preach the teachings of Christ. 

At Pentecost, during the solemn service, Christians pray to God to remember all our deceased parents and brothers. At the end of the service, walnut foliage is thrown from the altar doors at the worshipers. It symbolizes the tongues of fire above the heads of the apostles. Believers take it to their homes for blessing

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