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Downloading the data from the black box of the MiG-29 which went down off Shabla will take time

Defence Minister Georgi Panayotov
Photo: BGNES

A technical problem is delaying the downloading and processing of the data from the black box of the MiG-29 aircraft which went down off Cape Shabla on 9 June. The pilot, Major Valentin Terziev was killed during the incident which took place during military exercises. The black box was found yesterday.

“The sealing of some of the black box’s sections is compromised and there may be damage. There is a broken ribbon cable. That is why we are asking the manufacturer’s specialized laboratory for assistance for downloading the data from the black box,” Defence Minister Georgi Panayotov explained for the BNR’s Horizont programme.

The technical problems can be resolved, experts say. The aim is to establish what happened during the flight’s last 13 critical seconds, Minister Panayotov said.  

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