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National drone competition takes place in Varna

Photo: fpv-bg.com

In recent years, the drone racer community in Bulgaria has been rapidly growing, Anton Puliyski, chairman of the United Drone Community in Bulgaria, says. This weekend all of us can witness the fourth edition of the MultiGP Varna 2021 Drone Racing in the framework of the Drone Arena project. The host of the event is Asparuhov Park in the city of Varna, which will allow for sufficient distance between the individual participants and the audience, in response to the anti-epidemic requirements in this country.

Organizers of MultiGP Varna 2021 promise that guests will see some of the best drone pilots from Bulgaria. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing epidemiological situation, there will be no international participation in this year's edition, but anyone can follow the race online. One of the main goals of the race is to attract the interest of a wider audience to this sport.

Video from the previous edition in 2020:

Author Vesela Krasteva

English: Alexander Markov

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