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Museum in Ahtopol receive 7,000-year-old stone adze, discovered on sea bottom

Photo: library

A new, extremely interesting artifact is now part of the collection of the Anchor Museum in Ahtopol. This is a Neolithic stone adze. The instrument was found in the Bay of Ahtopol.

The valuable archeological artifact was found by diver Miroslav Dimitrov, who donated the object to the museum. "It is probably from the times of the early Stone-Copper Age or from the beginning of the fifth millennium BC. The object was masterfully made and it is impressive with its exquisite lines," Atanas Orachev, curator at the Museum in Ahtopol says. He recalled thata Chalcolithic stone adze was also discovered on the sea bottom near Ahtopol during the underwater archeological expedition "Cosmos" carried out backin 1983. The artifacts show that Ahtopol is one of the earliest settlements on the Black Sea coast near Strandzha Mountain.

‘When people saw that the museum was finally built and actively working, they started donating valuable artifacts," Orachev said.

Compiled by: Gergana Mancheva

English: Alexander Markov

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