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Is the third cabinet-forming mandate doomed?

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The Bulgarian Socialist Party, which is the third-largest party in the National Assembly, received the third cabinet forming mandate. When this country’s President Radev handed the socialists the third and last exploratory mandate, many political analysts expressed scepticism about the formation of a regular cabinet. With each passing day, BSP stands less chances of forming a cabinet, although it has not met with all political forces represented at the 46th Parliament.

“It was clear from the very beginning that a cabinet-forming mandate handed to the Bulgarian Socialist Party was doomed”- said the leader of Yes, Bulgaria! Hristo Ivanov in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio. In his words, the consultations on the formation of a new cabinet are turning into a pre-election PR for the socialists:

“We had to start talks, work out a formula that works for all of us and submit our proposal to this country’s head of state before he decided where the third cabinet forming mandate would go. During the political consultations between the first and the second cabinet-forming mandates President Radev gave a clear signal that he was ready to hear such a proposal. For some reason, Kornelia Ninova decided to impede this opportunity, called such an opportunity unconstitutional and refused to talk. It was at this stage when the third cabinet-forming mandate failed. Later, the third mandate turned into a pre-election theatrical property.”

The Bulgarian Socialist Party continues the consultations with political parties and trade unions. According to political scientist Evgenii Daynov, there is still room for action:

“BSP has an opportunity to nominate a prospective cabinet whose policies are acceptable to everyone and whose members are practically able to implement

these policies. If the socialists play their cards well and manage to convince “There is Such a People” party that it would be better for them to support a cabinet than becoming the third-largest political party after new early general elections, this would be a very serious achievement”, Evgenii Daynov commented for BNR-Stara Zagora.

“The socialists are holding formal consultations, as they do not stand a chance of forming a regular cabinet. They are playing for time, so that the necessary work in Parliament can be done”, journalist and politician Asen Agov said.

In his words, the third election campaign of the year has already begun. The supporters of the Bulgarian Socialist Party are expected to vote for President Radev at the forthcoming Presidential elections, because this country’s head of state handed the third cabinet-forming mandate to BSP, Asen Agov added.

“In Kornelia Ninova’s words, the socialists are to keep the third cabinet-forming mandate until September 10 -15, which means that the early general elections will be held on the same day with the Presidential runoff election, if there is a runoff election. The Presidential elections in Bulgaria are likely to be held on November 7 and 14. The National Assembly must set a date for the Presidential elections before President Radev dissolves the Parliament. Things are clear- we are to vote at general elections for the third time this year. Elections are a democratic instrument to resolve crises. We have reached the bottom of the political crisis and have do understand that everything that happened this year, including the two failed Parliaments, is due to our hesitation. We need to pull together all of our wisdom and elect a majority that is capable of making all necessary reforms”, said Asen Agov.

Bulgaria could be heading for its third general election of the year. According to public opinion surveys, however, the political configuration is unlikely to change significantly after another snap election. The political forces represented at the next Parliament will have to seek consensus, political scientist Ivaylo Dinev told Horizont channel of the BNR. In his words, the emergence of a new political project with the participation of some of the current popular caretaker ministers would completely change the political situation.

Compiled by: Elena Karkalanova

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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