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Bulgaria Today – September 3, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Friday, September 3,we bring you first the latest news stories from this country. 

Next on the show, we look into Culture and some of the highlights in this year’s edition of the emblematic arts festival Apollonia held on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. 

At the end, we bring you a classical music performance from the festival in the interpretation of four remarkable Bulgarian musicians. 

Have an enjoyable listen!

  • 01’13 - News 
  • 14’14 - Song of the day

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Targeted breeding campaign for an endangered fish species – the brown trout

A 10-kilometre section of a river, a tributary of the River Iskar, has been planted with 10,000 trout fingerlings in this year’s edition of the initiative “Give the brown trout a chance”. The brown trout is one of the most endangered..

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"Antarctic Cuisine" - a "tasty" story about life of polar explorers

"No one is greater than bread," an old Bulgarian saying goes and these days we have learned that the Antarctic scientists also stick to this ancient wisdom. The unique bilingual book "Antarctic Cuisine", in Bulgarian and English, has already been..

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This year’s World Meeting of Bulgarian Media to take place at Rila Monastery

The organizers of the 16 th World Meeting of Bulgarian Media have chosen an unusual time and place for it. Instead of in the spring, this year it is taking place from the 16 th to the 19 th of October, on the eve of the day of St. Ivan of..

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