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Parties of protest call for coalition with the new political project of Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev

MEP Radan Kanev
Photo: Facebook / Radan Kanev

The reformist forces stand a great chance of winning general elections and receive the first cabinet-forming mandate for the first time in 1997, if “Democratic Bulgaria” and the new political formation “We Continue the Change” participate at the forthcoming elections in a coalition, MEP Radan Kanev said for the BNR. In his words, reformist forces will not have such an opportunity any time soon.  

According to one of the leaders of "Stand up, BG! We are coming! ”Arman Babikyan, the earlier a coalition is formed, the better. Last year, we were united in our protests and no one asked Kiril Petkov whether he studied at Harvard or Yale when he delivered a speech to the citizens”, added Arman Babikyan. 

Alexander Simov from the Bulgarian Socialist Party did not rule out the possibility that left-wing voters may support the new political project. However, he does not view this project as a rival to the left-wing parties.

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