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Nitrogenous fertilizer is leaking into the sea from the ship which ran aground near Yailata protected area

Photo: BGNES

Nayden Nedev, an independent scuba diver has taken samples of the water around the cargo ship Vera Su which ran aground in the vicinity of Yailata protected area. The inspection of the water around the vessel established there was a nitrogenous fertilizer leak from the ship’s bow.

Vera Su, which is sailing under a Panamanian flag, ran aground on the rocks near Kamen Bryag on 20 September at a speed of 7 knots. The leakage has caused zero visibility which prevented the diver Nayden Nedev from taking photographs of the leak hole.

Talking to BNR’s correspondent in Dobrich, Nayden Nedev stated that the ship had already tilted to one side and that if weather conditions deteriorate, it could capsize. He called for the chemicals on board the ship to be unloaded using boats so as to prevent an environmental disaster,  but according to the Executive Agency Maritime Administration, an operation of this kind also involves a risk of pollution.  

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