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Featuring Petar Ralchev, one of Bulgaria's extraordinary accordionists

Photo: Ani Petrova

Having received a classical music education, Petar Ralchev, one of Bulgaria's greatest contemporary accordionists, easily combines different styles in his compositions, creating his own, innovative style.

Famous all over the world, Petar Ralchev has played with famous musicians not only in Bulgaria but also in the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, Hungary, France and others.

You can learn more about this remarkable Bulgarian musician from the publication on the page of Radio Bulgaria Petar Ralchev talks about music, international projects and unforgettable moments.  

Next a performance of his "Kopanitsa" - a documentary recording of a concert of the Folk Music Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radiowith conductor Dimitar Hristov, soloist Peter Ralchev.

Editor: Albena Bezovska

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