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Autumn is coming ... with "Unknown Streets" by Mary Boys Band

Photo: maryboysband.com

The Bulgarian pop band Mary Boys Band was established 26 years ago in the coastal city of Burgas. The musicians have given concerts at home and abroad, along with their world-famous colleagues from No Mercy, Boney M, Eruption, Gibson Brothers, Racey and others.

The frontwoman is Maria Mutafchieva - Mary, singer-songwriter, the author of all songs from the repertoire of Mary Boys Band.

"Unknown Streets" is a track from the band's debut album of the same name. It was released in 2001. "Unknown Streets" is a beautiful, but also slightly nostalgic piece, a song about autumn, which imperceptibly comes into human life, about the eternal search for one’s true self.

It is a curious fact that for several years now this song has been included in the music textbooks of the general education schools in our country. And especially in this season, it often sounds on the air of many radio stations here.

"And no one understood how the summer has gone and autumn has arrived…
I am walking down unknown streets, in search of myself…”

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