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City of the dead discovered by archaeologists near Perperikon

Photo: BNR - Kardzhali

A city of the dead was discovered by archaeologists in the ancient settlement of Perperikon in the Eastern Rhodopes, BNR correspondent Valya Apostolova reported from Kardzhali. Eight large mausoleums from the times of the Roman Empire have been discovered, located amphitheatrically in the southern part of the rock settlement. The discovery is unique on the Balkan Peninsula and comparisons can be made with the tombs of Roman consuls and senators.

Last year, archaeologists discovered parts of round buildings and had no explanation for them. This summer it was discovered that the strange buildings are 8. "This is a large representative memorial complex of round buildings and rotundas. The diameter of each of them is 7-8 meters. The people buried were rich, wealthy people. The few coins and jewelry discovered shows that the mausoleums date to the 3rd - 6th century, " archaeologist Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov says.

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