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Weather forecast for Bulgaria for October 15, 2021

Rain across the country expected tomorrow, snow in some parts

Photo: BGNES

On Friday it will rain all over the whole country. In Central Bulgaria the precipitation will be significant. The minimum temperatures will be up to 3 °C and in the high fields of Western Bulgaria in the morning the rain will be mixed with snow. Maximum temperatures will vary from 5 °C in the western parts to 15 °C on the Black Sea coast, for the capital Sofia - up to 6 °.

Along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast it will be cloudy with rain and moderate northeast wind. Maximum air temperatures will be from 15 °C in the northern seacoast to 18 °C in Ahtopol. The temperature of the sea water is also from 15 °C to 18 °C. 

It will snow in the mountains at altitudes of over 1,500 metres. The maximum temperature at 1,200 m will be up to 6 °C, at 2 ,000 m - around 0 °C. In mountain resorts, thermometers will show up to 2 °C.

On Saturday the precipitation will gradually decrease, but temperatures will remain low for the middle of October.

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