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Basarbovo rock monastery – a veritable gem in the valley of Rusenski Lom

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The Basarbovo rock monastery, named after St. Dimitar Basarbovski, is located among the cliffs of the river Rusenski Lom near the village of Basarbovo. It is now the only functioning monastery in Bulgaria, hewn out into rocks. It has survived through the ages, along with the other rock monasteries in the vicinity, near Ivanovo village. They too are perched on the rocks surrounding the river.

The beginnings of the Basarbovo rock cloister go back to the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom – 7th-9th century, but it is made mention of for the first time in an Ottoman tax register in 1431. Its most famous inhabitant is saint Dimitar Besarabovski from Basarbovo village, born in 1685.

In our day the monastery attracts many tourists. The path leading to it cuts across a beautiful garden, ending at a well that was dug by Saint Dimitar himself. The locals believe that the waters of the well are healing.

Find out more about Basarbovo monastery here. 

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