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Cool Den band present their second album “This Land”

Nearly one year after presenting their debut music album “1”, the young musicians from Cool Den band are inviting their music fans to attend the premiere of their second album “This Land” on October 20 at a popular music club in Sofia. Nikola Simeonov wrote the music, as well as the lyrics of all songs but one, which was written by Ivaylo Petrov. The band’s members Nikola (vocals and guitar), Ivaylo (vocals and guitar), Vasil (bass guitar) and Teodor Chirpanliev (drums) made the arrangements of the songs.

Like in their first album, the musicians from Cool Den lay the emphasis on the problems of young people. However, they do it their own way drawing a clear line between good and bad, without edifying and teaching, yet with a sense of humor and a touch of irony. The audience of Cool Den, which attends all their live performances, certainly likes their approach.

The band’s second album is named after the song “This Land”, which worships nature and earth, a home to all of us.

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