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Weather forecast for Bulgaria for October 24, 2021

Drop in temperatures expected on Sunday

Photo: BGNES

During the night the clouds will be significant, in many places there will be rain, in some areas in Eastern Bulgaria there will be more significant amounts.

Tomorrow, before noon from the northwest, the precipitation will quickly stop, the clouds will break and decrease, in the afternoon over many areas until sunny. The wind will be oriented from north-northeast, will be weak, in the eastern regions - moderate. Daytime temperatures will drop further and highs will be between 11 °C and 16 °C.
In the mountains, the rain will stop quickly. The clouds will be variable,  more often significant before noon. The wind will be moderate to strong, from north-northeast, in the highest parts of the northwest. The maximum temperature at 1,200 metres will be around 7 °C, at 2,000 meters - around 0 °C.

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