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Bulgarian exhibition-installation in the Pisztory Palace in Bratislava

Georgi Bogdanov and Boris Misirkov lead us "In the footsteps of the glorious past" with retro cars

At the end of October, within the framework of the oldest documentary film festival DOK Leipzig, the world premiere of the Bulgarian documentary "Cars with which we invaded capitalism" by the creative tandem Georgi Bogdanov and Boris Misirkov took place. Now, the artistic view of the socialist cars of the past, their owners today and the dream future for them has its thematic continuation with an exhibition-installation in Bratislava.

"In the Footsteps of the Glorious Past" is one of the three main photographic exhibitions during this year's Month of Photography in the Slovak capital. It is put on display in four large halls of the Pisztory Palace.The exhibition presents portraits of 15 owners of retro cars, which Bogdanov and Misirkov "took" to the place of their dreams.

Both the exhibition and the film are described by their authors as an exploration of what the legacy we carry from socialism is and whether there is nostalgia in the various European countries for it. That is why their main characters were shot in Norway, Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Bulgaria.

"In the Footsteps of the Glorious Past" can be seen until November 30 at the Pisztory Palace in Bratislava, and the dream of the two photographers is to find a suitable large place to show it next year to a native audience.

Compiled by Vessela Krasteva

English version Rositsa Petkova

Photos: Facebook /Agitprop

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