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BNR launches “Bulgaria’s ambassadors of culture” campaign

Who are “Bulgaria’s ambassadors of culture”? Who are the men and women of culture presenting Bulgaria to the world? Who are Bulgaria’s musicians, artists, writers, poets, actors, dancers who shape the face of Bulgaria in world culture?

Nominations for ambassadors of culture can be emailed to BNR’s Hristo Botev channel at kulturniposlanitsi@bnr.bg. The deadline is 4 December.

Journalists from Hristo Botev channel will select 24 out of the nominations for "Bulgarian ambassadors of culture" for 2021. Throughout 2022, these 24 ambassadors will be presented at the Bulgarian culture centres across Europe.

The “Bulgaria’s ambassadors of culture” campaign is dedicated to the 50th jubilee of the BNR’s Hristo Botev channel. 

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