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Kiril Petkov: The future cabinet ministers will be able to choose their teams themselves

Kiril Petkov
Photo: BGNES

“We are sending the coalition agreement out to our partners and we are expecting their feedback,” Kiril Petkov, leader of We Continue the Change said in an interview for bTV. “By 8 December we are hoping to have an agreement, complete with policies and the distribution of the ministries.”

“First, we shall coordinate the policies, then each party will be able to nominate the best people they have. The future cabinet ministers will be able to choose their teams themselves,” said Kiril Petkov who has been nominated for Prime Minister. Commenting on the budget for 2022, Kiril Petkov stated he expected the target deficit to be 4% and increased revenues and debt assumption to be financed.

“We would propose a green certificate requirement for entry into the parliament building,” Kiril Petkov added.  

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