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The Assumption of the Holy Virgin church in Kurdzhali provides food and kindness to the needy at Christmas time

Photo: library

For the 17th successive year the food pantry of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin church in Kurdzhali has been providing food to the needy at Christmas.

“When we started out, until a year or two ago, we had around 120 people coming to us, but gradually their numbers went down and we now have around 60,” Father Boyan Saruev from the church said for BNR-Kurdzhali.

“Every person who has knocked at our door has received our help, whatever their religion, nationality, age or problems. I would like to say that people shouldn’t focus so much on the material side of the holiday season, on what they will put on the table or what presents they will give or receive. Christmas is a feast of the spirit.”

Editor: Vessela Krasteva

Photos: BNR-Kurdzhali, library
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