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Footage from the Eastern Rhodopes invites Euronews viewers to get to know Bulgaria

Photo: stara-zagora.net

The Eastern ridge of the Rhodope mountains is the setting of a film about the wildlife of Bulgaria, shot by Euronews TV. Protagonists in the short film are deer, vultures and European aurochs.

The footage will be broadcast as a series commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism. Bulgaria is presented as a summer tourism and spa tourism destination. The focus of the production is on the more alternative side of domestic tourism, such as our wildlife - say the Wilder Rhodopes Foundation.

The foundation helped with the organization of the filming in the area of ​​Studen Kladenets. The Euronews team wеre impressed by the opportunity to see up close and even literally touch the wildlife in the Eastern Rhodopes.

The wild animals are comfortable around to people and are not scared by a closer contact, "but more importantly, with every video we make with every news we share we're spreading the message that more people can come and get to know Bulgaria’a wild side," say from the foundation.Their mission is not only to show this country to the world, but at the same time to encourage the conservation of the animal diversity in the Bulgaria.

Compiled by: Gergana Mancheva

English version: Elizabeth Radkova

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