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Bulgaria and Argentina prepare new cooperation agreements

Two cities in Bulgaria and two in Argentina to become sister cities

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The period 2021-2022 is important for Bulgaria and Argentina, because it marks 90 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Ambassador of Argentina to Bulgaria, Alfredo Atanasoff, said. A few days ago, he organized a meeting with friends of the two countries, where he recalled the traditionally good relations, but new directions in their development were also outlined.

Argentina and Bulgaria have signed 15 agreements on co-operation in various fields including commerce, defense, tourism and sports, mutual promotion of investments, culture, education and technology, etc. The agreements between Bulgaria and the South American Common Market Mercosur, in which Argentina and the European Union are members also continue to play an important role. Against the backdrop of war in Ukraine and expected food shortages, Argentina may increase food exports to the EU, the Ambassador said.

Ambassador Alfredo Atanasoff

He pointed out that new agreements are being prepared for cooperation in agriculture, for supporting small and medium-sized businesses, in the sphere of social security, and for recognition of scientific degrees. The agreement for cooperation and joint work between the Antarctic expeditions of the two countries was renewed on February 7 in Sofia.

Two cities in Bulgaria and two in Argentina will become sister cities, Ambassador Atanasoff said on the occasion of important upcoming events, which will be another step towards better mutual knowledge of the two countries.

"On April 5, we will sign the agreement between the town of Rakovski and the town of Luján in Argentina. They will become twin towns because there are many things that unite them in the fields of economy, culture, education, as well as religion. The town of Rakovski is home to the largest Catholic community in Bulgaria. Very soon we will sign another agreement - between Bulgaria’s Russe and Berisso in Argentina. Both cities located on river banks and there are many areas in which they can exchange experience. There is a very large Bulgarian community in Berisso. My grandfather, for example, lived in Berisso after immigrating from Bulgaria. The Bulgarians there are very active."

The contribution of the substantial Bulgarian diaspora in Argentina to the relations between the two countries

"The existence of such a large number of agreements between Argentina and Bulgaria shows the level of connection between the two countries. Argentina was among the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with Bulgaria 90 years ago. I think that the Bulgarians who emigrated to Argentina, who have formed groups, communities and associations that continue to be very active even today, have a great role in this progress. Many of these Bulgarians are of the third or fourth generation but they keep in touch and preserve the memories of Bulgaria," Ambassador Alfredo Atanasoff has told Radio Bulgaria.

Florencia López Albarrán Cotcheff

The ambassador mentioned the Queen of Immigrants beauty contest, organized in Argentina, which this year was won by a Bulgarian - Florencia López Albarrán Cotcheff. She will have the task to travel around Argentina and tell people about the culture, history and traditions of Bulgaria.

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