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"Stay" – a song that asks questions

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The creation of "Stay" is provoked by the absurdity of our time - a time of fear, restrictions and prohibitions, says singer-songwriter Mary (Maria) Mutafchieva, She is the author of the lyrics and music and the arrangement is by Miroslav Mutafchiev. It is easy to get lost, wandering in your notions of who you are and where you are going, does it make sense to continue… This song asks questions, but also gives an answer: Stay, exist, move forward! Stay in order to share your life with someone else! Someone like you – someone who is searching, someone who is just as confused, but also hopeful”, the singer says.

In the recording you will also hear the voices of the young RIA and the beloved Toni Dimitrova, who in turn shares: “It is easy to work with talented, romantic and pure people! I can always recognize Mary's gentle voice, the characteristic timbre of Miro's guitar!”

The song is gaining more and more popularity among the listeners, and this week, once again, it climbed to the first position in the ranking of Bulgarian pop and rock music Top 20 of the Bulgarian National Radio.

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