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Children's laughter, music and games in Bulgarian National Radio’s yard

Photo: Ani Petrova /BNR

Children's laughter and music could be heard all around the country today. The extravaganza of colorful balloons and gift packages complement the festive atmosphere. The occasion, of course, is International Children's Day - June 1. The Bulgarian National Radio has kept its promise to its most demanding audience -  the children, by organizing a traditional celebration, entitled "We, the children at BNR”.

Many fun games took place in the yard of the institution. There was story telling, meetings with famous actors and other interesting activities.

This year's Children's Day was probably more special for the children from Ukraine, who are now attending such an event for the first time in this country. Here is what Elena from Odessa, who is in Bulgaria with her little daughter told us:

"We arrived from Odessa and have been living with friends in Sofia for two months now. My daughter's name is Sofia and she is 9 years old. We feel very good here, we have already adapted," Elena said in an interview with Radio Bulgaria.

She is a representative of the Association of Bulgarians in Ukraine and has helped a lot in the evacuation of both Bessarabian Bulgarians and Ukrainians who want to flee the war. However, at a certain moment being a mother prevailed over being a volunteer and she went to Bulgaria together with her daughter. Before she left Ukraine 3,000 Bulgarians were evacuated to the Black Sea resorts of Primorsko and Kiten, as well as in northern Bulgaria. A large group also settled in Svishtov.

Irina, who arrived in Bulgaria with her children from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv says that the long walks with her parents are part of her bright childhood memories from the past.

"Unfortunately, my children were born in Luhansk, where we lived until 2014, and their first memories are those of gun shots. We arrived in Bulgaria on February 27, living in Sunny Beach for about a month before moving to Sofia, where we have been living with friends. We are infinitely grateful to them for providing shelter to us.”

Talented young singer Emilian Bardarski, whose songs gave the start of festivities in BNR told us he has always loved June 1, because he receives gifts. "I feel it as my second birthday,” he said and sent his wishes to other children:

"Let children enjoy their childhood while they can, as well as Children’s Day, because it happens only once a year, like a birthday."

June 1 is one of the best days of the year for popular actor Peter Baykov. According to him, the reason is that on this day we remember that we must be kind, warmhearted and preserve the senses needed to rejoice in all the good things that happen to us. Peter's life so far has been an example of how childhood dreams can come true.

"Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to be able to incarnate various characters. I am glad that after so much time I continue to do this. The joy that I see in the eyes of children and the surprise I evoke with some of the voices I do charge me with great positive energy,” the actor says a smile.

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: Ani Petrova /BNR
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