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Bulgarian secondary school students win first prize at European Statistics Competition

The award ceremony is on 27 June in Madrid and can be watched online

Photo: NSI (screenshot)

More than 17,000 school-goers from 19 countries took part in this year’s competition organized by the European Union’s statistical office Eurostat. Each team had the assignment of shooting a 2-minute video, presenting their conclusions, based on official statistics. The Bulgarian video focused on the environmental situation in Bulgaria.

After evaluating a total of 66 entries, the jury of the competition, whose members are foremost authorities in statistics, selected 5 of the best videos in two age groups – 14-16 and 16-18.

In the senior age group the first place went to the Bulgarian team DATAPOWER for their well-produced video on the environment in Bulgaria. The jury was impressed by the excellent statistical communication supported by beautiful images, good acting and original music. The teams from Iceland, Slovenia, France and Poland were ranked after the young contestants from Bulgaria.

Watch the video of the Bulgarian winners:

“We were armed with an unceasing motivation to show Europe that Bulgaria has a lot to be proud of – its nature, but also its students. The excellent level of training and production impressed the jury and it awarded us the first prize,” writes, in a letter to Radio Bulgaria, Martin Kostadinov, member of the award-winning team at the European Statistics Competition, who is a student at the National Trade and Banking Secondary in Sofia.

The award ceremony will take place on 27 June 2022 at 11:00 CEST in Madrid. You will be able to watch it online.

Radio Bulgaria, on its part, will present the most successful young people taking part in this competition very soon.

Compiled by Krasimir Martinov

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