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Vice President will propose changes in policy towards Ukrainian refugees

Iliana Iotova
Photo: Ani Petrova

Bulgaria had expected more Ukrainians of Bulgarian origin to seek refuge in the country from the conflict in Ukraine. Most of them, however, have not fled their homes. This is what Vice President Iliana Iotova told BNR. 
She pointed out that Bulgaria is doing its part to help. "For me, however, the question is what is it we can offer them after they come here," she stressed, pointing out that there has to be a change in the policy towards refugees. 
Bulgaria, which has a labour shortage, has failed to create employment programmes for the refugees, she pointed out. That is why some of them have gone back, others have migrated to other countries, and those who have stayed here have not managed to integrate as they would like to. 
She said that she would make her proposals to the new cabinet not so much as a vice-president in charge of Bulgarian communities abroad, but as a former MEP who has dealt specifically with issues related to the integration of refugees.

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