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The Koprivshtitsa Folk Art festival - a three-day celebration of Bulgarian folklore

Rusalijski games

The Folk Art Festival in Koprivshtitsa is held for the 12th time. For three consecutive days - 5, 6 and 7 August, talented folk song and dance performers from all over Bulgaria gathered in the region.

"Koprivshtitsa is a great celebration for all who love Bulgarian folklore - from the original folk performers of songs and dances, the bearers of traditions, to choreographers, composers, teachers, scholars from various institutes, Bulgarians abroad and foreigners," said Vasil Gerlimov, choreographer and director of the festive concerts in the program of the art festival in the heart of the Sredna Gora Mountains.

Among the gold medal winners  are the Jamala ritual performers from the village of Koshov, Ruse region, Rusalijski games (Mermaid games) from the town of Petrich, pre-bridal maiden rite Kumichene from Koynare, ritual wedding dance with erotic elements from the village Deleina, Vidin region, Bistritsa Grannies, etc. 


This year's forum again showcased rituals that are rarely to be seen. Such is the Horo Chain Dance of the Dead, a very special Easter custom that is being presented for the first time at a festival. 

Last night's concert featured three foreign groups: the Balkan Orchestra from Brussels - mixed orchestra led by Vlada Tomova, bringing together performers from the USA, Italy, Greece, Portugal, France, Japan and Argentina, and the wonderful choir "Chubritsa" (Savory) from the Netherlands, among whose members is the former English editor of Radio Bulgaria Hristina Karageorgieva.

For more information stay tuned to Radio Bulgaria, which will offer many interviews and personal accounts in the coming months.

Author Albena Bezovska

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