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Archaeologists discover another temple at the site of Perperikon

It is one of the best-preserved structures ever found in the ancient Thracian city

Photo: BGNES - archive

Archaeologists unearthed a new temple at Perperikon, Bulgarian News Agency BTA reports. According to archeologist Professor Nikolai Ovcharov, it is only ten meters from the famous altar chamber in the ancient palace, where the prophecy that Alexander the Great would conquer the world was spoken

The walls are preserved in some places at a height of almost 3 metres, making the newly discovered building one of the best preserved structures ever found at Perperikon, the Prof. Ovcharov says.

In the opinion of prof. Ovcharov, it can now be said that a whole sacral complex of temples dedicated to various deities worshipped at that time was formed near the ancient stone altar of Dionysus during the Roman period (3-4 century). Such deities were the Thracian Horseman and the Eastern god Mithras, to whom separate shrines were built. It is yet to be determined to which God the newly discovered temple was dedicated.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zdravko Dimitrov from the National Archaeological Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, a specialist in ancient archaeology, said this is a rare sacred complex, which is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria.

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