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Music Idol winner Toma and Yana Rafailova - ˮWithout a ticket" but in first class

Photo: Facebook/toma.zdravkov

"I'm dreaming of a suitcase full of light, with it I will travel all right…" the lyrics of the song "Without a ticket" read.  

In many ways this is a family project. The music is by Simeon Rafailov - drummer and composer, whom we know as a member of the rock bands ˮObraten Effectˮ (‘reverse effect”) and ˮFabrichen Defectˮ (‘a manufacturing defect”). His sister Leni Rafailova, author of the childrenˮs novel ˮThe Miracles of the Broomˮ, wrote the lyrics, which were inspired by the book and its magical reality.  

The wonderful performance is by Toma Zdravkov (winner of Music Idol - the Bulgarian version of the British tv show Pop Idol) and young Yana Rafailova (Simeon's daughter - you guessed it right). 

ˮ...without a ticket, we have first class seats to watch the stars... All I need is you by my side. ... For I cannot fly alone - I need safe wings to rely on.ʼ  

The song and its video, shot by Azad Agassian, were made possible with the support of the National Fund "Culture".

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