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New campaign draws public attention to three endangered animal species in Bulgaria

Eastern imperial eagle
Photo: BSPB

The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) is launching a big new mission – Earth Under Protection – to save three endangered animal species: the Eastern imperial eagle, the saker falcon and the European ground squirrel whose populations have been dwindling dramatically during the past century.

The BSPB has invested a colossal amount of effort in recent years to bring the number of Eastern imperial eagles in Bulgaria up to 35 breeding pairs, though the number of breeding pairs of saker falcons are still few and far between. Apparently, the falcons’ favourite food are the European ground squirrels, another endangered species due to intensive farming. One of the best places for all three species is the Sakar mountain in Southeastern Bulgaria where the Eastern imperial eagles are currently nesting. In recent years, thanks to donations and with European financial support, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds has been able to buy plots of land in Sakar where pasture farming is practiced, artificial nests are put up for the birds of prey and colonies of European ground squirrels are reintroduced. The campaign aims to extend the domains of the Eastern imperial eagle, the saker falcon and the European ground squirrel in Sakar by buying another 10 hectares of land. One donated Lev equals an average of half a square metre of land under protection!

Compiled by Darina Grigorova 

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