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Candies with Bulgarian rose petals will tempt consumers in the Czech Republic

Petar Simeonov
Photo: Private archive

Lavender and rose water, rose petals and cosmetic products from Bulgaria caused a real sensation at the International Green Week Berlin, which took place at the beginning of the year. It was there that the company of the Bulgarian rose grower Petar Simeonov made valuable contacts, thanks to which chocolate candies with rose petals from the Valley of Roses will now be produced in the Czech Republic. ‎

"The Czech company produces chocolate candies, teas, and we have a proposal from them for joint work on rose water, which they will launch on their market, plus rose petals for chocolates," he explained to BNR's Stara Zagora regional station. 
Simeonov grows over 100 acres of rose plantations in the area of the village of Gurkovo. Part of his production will also be directed to Berlin, where a local hair salon will pamper its clientele with fragrant Bulgarian rose water. In fact, the owners of the beauty salon are Bulgarians, Simeonov reveals. They participated in the Green Week in Berlin and were very impressed by the Bulgarian products. 
It turns out that there is a huge interest in Bulgarian rose oil in Germany, as local companies have been looking for a way to get quality rose water for a long time.

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