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Energy Minister: Bulgaria is still dependent on Russia for the maintenance of its nuclear power plant

Caretaker Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov
Photo: Savina Spasova

"Bulgaria still depends on Russia for a number of parts and equipment for its nuclear power plant. We need them for the forthcoming planned repairs and maintenance", caretaker Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov said for the BNR with regard to the cabinet’s decision to approve a derogation of the EU sanctions against Russia enabling the Kozloduy NPP to purchase spare parts, materials and services. 

"We are looking for alternative suppliers who can provide Bulgaria with such equipment and spare parts in the long term. We are working with all countries with such nuclear reactors. The key issue is to ensure Bulgaria's energy security and the operation of the Kozloduy NPP", Minister Hristov said. Rosen Hristov noted that this is not a one-off derogation and that such a derogation will be necessary in the future, because there are no substitutes for more than 40 components supplied by Russia.

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