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There is a major shortage of both medicines and pharmacists in Bulgaria, says BPU

Photo: mh.government.bg

The number of pharmacies in Bulgaria is almost twice the European average, the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union (BPU) said on the occasion of World Pharmacist Day. The large number of pharmacies leads to a shortage of staff, said the union's chairman Dimitar Marinov. On average in Europe, a pharmacy employs three pharmacists, while in Bulgaria there are 2.1 pharmacists per pharmacy. There are areas where, despite legal requirements, pharmacies lack qualified staff.

Because of the many shortages of medicines, refusals and stock-outs, pharmacies have become "call centres, looking all day for medicines for their patients," Marinov said. In addition to supply logistics, a lack of timely and accurate consumption information also creates problems. The troubles also come from having the same supply chain of pharmacy owners, warehouses and even manufacturers regardless of the what the law says

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