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Weather forecast for Bulgaria for 27 September 2023

Yellow code for strong wind will remain in force in 6 areas of Eastern Bulgaria

Photo: BGNES

On Wednesday, the minimum temperatures will be from 11 to 16°C, in Sofia - 11°C. It will be foggy in the east. During the day, there will be scattered clouds, more significant over the mountains, but there will be almost no precipitation there, either. 

Daytime highs tomorrow be from 23 to 30°C, in the capital Sofia - 23°C.

It will be sunny and windy along the Black Sea coast. Air temperatures will be 25-26°C. The temperature of the sea water is 23-25°C. 

In the mountains it will be cloudy with possible precipitation over the Rhodopes. The temperature at 1200 m above sea level will be up to 16, at 2000 m up to 9°.

On Thursday, the weather in Bulgaria will remain unchanged with possible showers in the southeast.

In Europe, it will rain over Great Britain, and snow will fall in the northernmost regions of Scandinavia. It will also rain over the southernmost part of the Apennines. It will be sunny over the Balkans, but the Mediterranean Cyclone Elias is bringing rain over Greece. It will be 21°C in London, 25 and 26°C in Paris and Berlin. 19°C is expected in Moscow. It will be 28°C in Rome. In Athens and Belgrade, the thermometers will point to 26°C, in Istanbul to 27°C. The warmest European capitals will be Madrid and Bucharest with highs of 29°C.

In Vancouver and Montreal it will be 14 and 29°C, in Chicago and in New York it will be 21 and 19°C.  26°C is expected in Los Angeles, 30 and 27°C in Miami and Mexico City, 14 and 27°C in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. It will be 40°C in Dubai, 31°C in Jerusalem.

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