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A sip of "Oxygen" in London - Ostava band will present their latest album

Photo: YouTube /Sabina Stefanova

Two beloved Bulgarian rock bands from different generations will delight fans in London on November 10. After a number of concerts in Bulgaria, Ostava band will present their latest album "Oxygen" for the first time in the British capital with a concert in the club "The Garage". ‎

Musicians are excitedly waiting for the upcoming concert, because the club in central London is legendary for the many world-renowned musicians who presented their first albums there even before they gained stardom. ‎But before Svilen Noev, Georgi Georgiev, Boyan Petkov, Alex Marburg and ‎Daniel Petrov, the young hope of Bulgarian indie rock will appear on the stage - the band Innerglow to which the boys from Ostava have long lent a supporting hand.

The meeting with the audience abroad causes particular excitement, Ostava frontman Svilen Noev tells BNR:‎

"We've been doing it since 2005 and it's very nice. It used to be very emotional because there was no European Union. Now it's much easier for everyone to travel. But still playing in London in a big club is very cool for us. As far as I know there are 300,000 Bulgarians in London. So if any of your listeners are thinking of going to London, come to "The Garage" club on Friday!"‎

In addition to the songs from the album "Oxygen", Ostava will also play the hits "Chocolate", "Ocean", "Fields of sunflowers", "Attention" and others.‎

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