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Warm for the season with cloudy skies from the west

Слънчева есен
Photo: Elena Karkalanova

On Tuesday, minimum temperatures will range from 1 to 6°C, with a low of 2°C in Sofia. During the day, clouds will increase from the west. In the evening there will be rain in the northwest. Maximum temperatures will be between 11 and 16°C, 11°C in the capital.
On the Black Sea coast it will be sunny until midday, then overcast, but without precipitation. Air temperatures will reach 11-15°C. The water temperature will be 9-11°C. The sea swell will be 1-2.
Over the mountains it will be cloudy with isolated showers. Snow will fall above 1,800 metres. Temperatures will reach 9°C at 1,200 m and 3°C at 2,000 m.
Wednesday will be cloudy and rainy. On Thursday the rain will stop.

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