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Bulgarian evergreen songs sound in a new arrangement in "Obraztsovo cabare"

Photo: Vladimir Tomashevich

Tonight we are invited to "Obraztsovo Cabare"! Bulgarian evergreen songs from the recent past will come to life in a new arrangement, the work of composer Dobromir Kisov. The program includes iconic songs such as "People and Streets" by Mimi Ivanova and Boris Gudzhunov, "Stop by Me" by Lea Ivanova, "Be silent, Be Silent" by Mimi Nikolova, "Homeless Clouds" by Bogdana Karadocheva and many others. More than 13 artists will perform on the stage at Pirotska 5 Event Center. They will dress in more than 100 costumes, in order to recreate the atmosphere of a cabaret.

The main vocal roles in the two-hour performance are entrusted to singers Tsvetelina Marinova (known from EXPOSE duo) and Toma Zdravkov.

Toma Zdravkov and Thsevetlina Marinova

The new cultural format, supported by Musicautor, also takes up an unconventional noble cause. Part of the ticket revenue for "Obraztsovo Cabare" will support renowned artists from the recent past who are currently in difficulty.

Toma Zdravkov says that participating in this project is a big challenge because of the message they have to convey to the audience:

"Nowadays, it is very hard to give hope through singing. These songs give you such an emotion that there is always hope. Yes, we live in difficult times, but why not lean on this beautiful old Bulgarian music that paints pictures, that always has a smile?"

"Be silent, Be silent" is one of these evergreen Bulgarian songs. It was created for the film "Lyubimets 13" (Favourite 13) and performed by Mimi Nikolova. The music is by Petar Stupel and the lyrics are by Veselin Hanchev.

Translated and published by: Kostadin Atanasov
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