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Taking advantage of the elements: Kitesurfing on the snowy meadows near Varna

Photo: Rumen Sarandev, BNR-Varna

With all the snow, wind and power outages, the situation may be difficult, but as it turns out, it can be propitious for adrenaline buffs. Todor Deliev is just such a thrill-seeker, who, inspired by the snow-clad meadows above Dobrogled village near Varna, has taken to snowkiting.

As it travelled to the villages in Northeastern Bulgaria that were hit hardest by snow and hurricane-force winds, the BNR-Varna team encountered a man in a meadow, pumping up his equipment:
Todor Deliev
“This is a kite, it is used when there is wind to ski or snowboard when conditions are right,” Todor explains. “Now, the conditions are great, there is snow, I have found a superb meadow, so I am going to kitesurf. In summer I kitesurf on water,” he says and goes on:

“Last year there was no snow anywhere, I didn’t know where to surf, so now I was pleasantly surprised to see snow as early as November. Here, around Varna, it is a fairytale.”

Sun, snow and the right kind of wind are the three things you need for a snowkiting adventure, Todor explains further, buckling up to face the wind. There are a great many places in Bulgaria where this comparatively new sport can be practiced. There is a Facebook community of people practicing kitesurfing - which does have its risks:

“There is a slim risk as to how the kite is going to go up – because I am still a beginner, I am not a professional. But the moment it is up in the air and there is a good wind, I start “riding the wind” and – surfing,” Todor explains.

Kitesurfers are not an unusual sight in the meadows around the village of Dobrogled. There is wind there, and the land is flat which makes them a good place for snowboarding with a kite. What you need is good equipment, and a passion for the sport, Todor says. And of course – adrenaline.

Interview by Nina Milosevic, BNR-Varna

Editing by Elena Karkalanova

Translated and posted by Milena Daynova

Photos: Rumen Sarandev, BNR-Varna

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