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New documentary series about the war in Ukraine with a premiere in Sofia

Screenwriter and director is Bessarabian Bulgarian Tetiana Staneva

Photo: Facebook /Tetiana Staneva

The war in Ukraine, which began with a Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, has been going on for two years. According to data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, at the end of 2023, the number of civilians killed in Ukraine exceeded 10,000, the wounded exceed 18,680, with nearly half of the victims far behind the front lines. Over 4 million people from the country's population have sought salvation and protection in EU countries, according to Eurostat statistics.

"You can't stand on the sidelines and watch what's happening in Ukraine as some kind of show behind glass. People should understand that this affects them directly," says Tetiana Staneva, а Bessarabian Bulgarian, screenwriter and film director. In order to show us that what is happening in her homeland is not just a statistic, but the events in Ukraine directly affect our lives as Europeans, Tetiana started work on the documentary series Letters from the War

The first episode  entitled The Pulse of Ukraine will be premiered tonight (23.02) at a special event at 18:00 at the Military Club in Sofia. 

"Showing the Bulgarians who are at war or living their civilian lives, I want to ask - is anyone really interested about what is happening with the Bulgarian diaspora in Ukraine, how does the war affect us? Bulgarians in Ukraine are a bridge between the two countries, so the war there cannot be something distant that does not concern us.”

About the characters of the film, about life in Ukraine two years after the beginning of the horror and the film series that shows this, Tetiana Staneva gave an interview for Radio Bulgaria published in the publication "Letters from the War" address.

Edited by Joan Kolev

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